Food sustainability

Let’s talk about food most of us have some sort of bread 🍞every day, now you may or may not know the flour used to make said bread is made from wheat or a type of grain; now most grain sare annuals which means they die every year and give seeds. While things like an apple🍎 tree live for 100 years. We love grains so so so much so we clear out thousands of acres of forest just so we can have our toast in the morning. isn’t that unpleasant 


of course, this is just the beginning but I hope I enlighted you  about Food sustainability where I got the photo Sylvie Tittel

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The flag of Cambodia is bellow 

Cambodia is in Asia 

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia 

Cambodia is in the northern hemisphere 

Cambodia has 16.01 million people 

The national of Cambodia language is khmer but it recognises French and English as other languages 

Cambodian riel is the currency 

We (Australia ) supply Cambodia with basic necessities  

Cambodia used to be communist since Pol Pot A Cambodian prime minister well sort of.  

The neighboring countries of Cambodia are Laos Vietnam and Thailand  

!. Laos is north of Cambodia  

2. Vietnam is east of Cambodia  

3. Thailand is northwest of Cambodia  


The Emoji for the Cambodian flag 🇰🇭 

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My avatar is I think looks very similar to me.My challenges are that when you click on lets say tops it will come up with colours and it doesn’t load fast, so a couple of times I thought my computer was frozen. Although it was really fun with or without the challenges

200 Word writing challenge


It was summer when Alana received an email and it said

Dear Alana 

As a consequence of not working over the winter you will have to go to the research camp in the rainforests of Thailand, however you will be joined by Camellia and Evie. With regards 


Two days later I set off, in Thailand it was humid and raining. It was tiring to walk to the camp 500 meters away. Camellia went via helicopter to camp. Camellia had already set up camp. Early morning Evie woke me  up because a sun bear had crept into camp looking for food or so we thought yet she stayed with her cub in a near by tree. it was strange but they helped us research them. Camellia adored them while Evie not so much. At this point of the trip I  was far away from camp and at once came across a herd of Asian elephants. I called Camellia and Evie over. Evie was so excited, ”OMG, I never thought we see them here”.Camellia wasn’t as surprised.  we studied them for a bit then at almost sundown straightaway we decided to go home. But then I heard something while walking home.

“The the bush rustled violently”




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